Pico Collagen - International Quality Product Monde Selection

Dear customer,

Genki Fami is pleased to announce:

Pico Collagen, Genki Fami first applied for Monde Selection products in the last months of 2020; And in the early days of April 2021, they got the MONDE SELECTION INTERNATIONAL QUALITY PRODUCTS certificate.

Monde Selection is an award that was established in 1961. Considered an "Oscar" in the field of food production, the Monde Selection Award by the International Institute for Quality Selection symbolizes rigorous standards to bring about best products for consumers. The prestigious and well-known Monde Selection Medal is a prestigious brand, a guarantee of high quality with an international scope around the world.

On the occasion of Pico Collagen receiving the prestigious Monde Selection award, Genki Fami would like to sincerely thank our partners and customers for always trusting, supporting and accompanying Genki Fami during the past time.

Genki Fami commits to not only bringing to dear customers the most advanced products, but also constantly improves service quality in the coming time!

Congratulations Pico Collagen, Genki Fami!

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