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What does Nattokinase do?

A: Nattokinase not only dissolves blood clots, but also activates enzymes that dissolve blood clots that the body produces on its own. There are many...

Who should use Nattou Ichou products?

A: - Adults face a lot of stress and fatigue in life. - People with high blood pressure. - People with high cholesterol. - People with symptoms of memory...

What is the effect of Ichou leaf extract?

A: Ichou leaf extract contains a variety of flavonoids such as rutin, quercetin and ginkgolide, which inhibit the formation of B-amyloid, thereby preventing damage to...

How dangerous is Thrombosis?

A: The formation of thrombus/blood clots interferes with the normal circulation of blood and is the cause of cardiovascular diseases, the most common of which...

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